Bad week

March 3rd, 2022

This week has been HECTIC, and I can’t remember a day without something bad or important happening, like, it was just filled with stress and anxiety.

First of all, we were tasked with a dance that we have to send in a few days, and I cant dance to save my damn life, then, due to the stress, I missed a ESP test, now for context, ESP in the Philippines is kinda like social/humanitarian studies, where you study how to be a decent human being, and my teacher in ESP is a stict woman, like she isn’t mean, she’s actually pretty professional and nice, but she has absolutely NO MERCY on people who send their things late, im not even kidding! I once missed two summative tests, and even though I did all my projects, I still got a zero, but then again I did lie on the scoresheets due to a bad case of ADHD, soo, I gotta admit it was kinda deserved.

And due to the fact that I missed my ESP test, I MAY FAIL AGAIN THIS SEMESTER: (

And before all that happened, my neighbor suddenly decided that it was time to buy the flat next to their flat, and decided to redo the whole thing, which caused so much dust to get all over the place! ,and now we have to deal with eternally dusty floors

Then, I had to edit a video, and then wash my hair which I had been abandoning for WEEKS!

In short, this week has been ass.

Also, may god bless ukraine, and may their citizens regain their sovereignty, and may their president be blessed also

See you on the other side!

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