Hey guys! how are you doing! now, these past few weeks have been REALLY HARD, my mental health's been hit with stones, and i just cant seem to keep myself together for maybe even a second nowadays! and everythings been very melancholic and crazy, and i needed a break from it all, all i wanted was a faint, yet eye-piercing light greeting me at the end of a depressing, pestillence-ridden tunnel, and who would have know that that sweet ray of sunshine would be coffee! yes, thats right! we have a whole new kitten around town! ready to scream cry at me every second of its life! we managed to et her off of the windowsill near our complex'es staircase a few weeks ago, she was crying so loudly you could hear her voidce miles away, like seriously i could be out and about near the pandesalan and i could still hear her please for a warm, cozy place to poo on!

me an coffee

i planned to get her, but my mom was like, "WE DONT NEED ANOTHER CAT!" and "WE ALREADY HAVE ONE!" and i was pretty convinced that we didnt need another kitten in the house, but, i was still determined to help her, and so, i got choco's carrier and put some blankets in it, i was about to go get her before my mom reprimanded me and i was soon forced to hide the carrier once again (to my disdain), anyway , a few hours had passed and i had soon forgetten coffee and i had moved on with my life, and had fallen asleep, and, i suddenly, i woke up from my hello-kitty covered bed to a pink carrier, choco's carrers, on a chair that was once used as a stool, next to the window with the fridge at the right side of the chair, and i thought, "this must be her!" and i hurried to the chain, but, being wary and unsure about the carrier, i asked my mom if the carrier really did hold a kitten inside, and and after aksing the question, she calmly said "yes, nicole (my sister) bought the kitten inside and put it in the carrier" , t'was very weird, but, it was nicole, and she did have a HUGE interest in cats and kittens, so i wasn't surprised.

of course, being the extremly nosy barely-human being that i am, i decided to go and check her out, and, my eyes sensed and felt something it had never felt before, my arteries were clogging with love, and my breath was slowing down by the second, seeing her felt not just awesome, but downright amazing, who knew that seeing a kitten sat on a heat pad would be this cute! my eyes were GLUED to her, desperately trying to take in every single bit of information before it, without malfunctioning due to a cuteness overload.

Anyways, sorry if this article was EXTREMELY short, but, i just cant explain everything in one go! so, i hope that you liked my blog, and if you did, please consider checking out more of my subpar, brimming-with-filler posts! anyway, see you!

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