New catto in town!

March 22, 2022
brown cat with dark brown spots on its body is laying down on a green blanket, brown feels soft and plush, while green feels smooth and moist

If you went up to my past self and told him, "You got a cat!" he would scoff at you and tell you where the nearest psychologist is, or he would ask you where you got the stash, and, to be honest, i didnt expect that i would get a cat, much less have her for more than a month, and i wouldn't blame him either, getting a cat was a fever dream, an unexplored forntier that none of my immediate family other than my second sister, has explored, a.k.a, no one wanted a cat.

she was a small bean when she came to my door, if i could recall, it was 6 in the morning and monsoon season, and the one who was gonna send my cat knocked on my door, we made a few arrangements and plans, and we were supposed to get early but scarlett got out the box, and i was awoken by the knocks on my door, so i checked it out, and it was her, and we decided to let her in, and when she got in she untied the strings, and she said, "we couldnt have scarlet due to the fact that she would escape", i was saddened but we had to face the reality.

brown cat with dark brown spots on its body is laying down on a grey laptop, grey feels rough and jagged, like a rock.
choco on a laptop

chcoc, a brown cat with dark brown spots across its body, is inside a cardboard box.
choco in a box

it was very complicated, her story was very big, she lived with a roomate, whos name is scarlet, yes, the same one, yes, i have nonexistent grammar. she was the best thing that has ever come, and i never regretted anything.

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