So i just got sick

August 9th, 2022

Hey guys1 its ralf! Sorry if I was kinda dead these past few days, kinda got sick, it was pretty weird actually, sometimes, I was able to move, sometimes, I wasn’t, like it’s so strange, at 12 I was zooming round the house aimlessly, like a cat, and then suddenly im bedbound and 39 degrees Celsius hot, and the worst part about it was the splitting headaches and fatigue which I am still dealing with, like, it was so bad, that I was convinced that I had rabies, like, no, im not joking, it was THAT bad, it seriously felt like my head was hemorrhaging, it felt like a huge ass anchor, a weight that glued my head to the pillow, which sucked, because I could’ve been doing so much had I not had a headache, and also, it wasn’t rabies, it was just dengue fever, still don’t know why im not at the doctors office getting meds though.

Aside from that, this week’s been pretty weird too , my friend was trying to help her cousin with her website project, and didn’t know how html and css worked, so I decided to give her a few photos of my book (why didn’t I just send her a link to W3Schools) and sent her some links to a few different videos, but unfortunately, she stopped because she was too lazy, kinda relatable xd, getting a grasp of html and css after just discovering it is hard.

Anyways, that’s all, see you on the other side!


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