My experiences as a simmer: Part 1

May 3rd, 2022

My first taste of the sims was when I was 4-5 years old, I remember my sister teaching me how to play the sims, telling me how to keep my sims alive, and basically indoctrinating my young, smol self into becoming the pathetic, lifeless simmer that I am today.

Before we delve further into my shallow, not-even-there simming experiences, I need to remind everyone that my brain will be disconnected from my fingers for most of this blogpost, so if there are any major inconsistencies and any errors, you know why.

Anyways, I started my simming adventure with mobile games when I was around 9-11, and no, I am not talking about The sims freeplay or The sims mobile, nono, I am talking about those ancient, long-forgotten java ports of the sims 3, which I used to play daily on my barely-alive nokia touchscreen, and I remember how painful it was trying to search for a game that actually fit my screen, like, you had to go through 90 different websites and you had to go through the risk of accidentally getting malware and viruses on your phone just to find ONE game that had the proper screen resolution, and lets not forget the fact that I did ALL of this on my nokia, who's screen was beaten and abused to death! Im not even kidding! That boy had two huge-ass bruises at the sides that got worse over time, and im not even gonna get started on the keyboard, oh hell no, that shit was SO HARD TO USE, like, you had to be SO PERCISE with your typing or else you were basically fucked, and to this day, I don't know why I didn’t pick the T9 over the qwerty keyboard on my old nokia, maybe because I was more accustomed to the qwerty, maybe because T9 was weird for me, I dunno.

And also, I remember being SO OBSESSED with them, like, not only did I play them DAILY, but I also tried collecting EACH and EVERY ONE of them, like, it wasn't just a goal, it was a PRIORITY, it was something that I just had to do before dying, like, if you told me that I could live a normal and healthy life and die peacefully without needing to collect all those 8-bit pixelated sims games 3 years ago I would've used my 3rd trimester belly to smack you into the skies, and also, I think my 8-bit-sims-mobile-games-for-java obsession began earlier, like I think 7-8 cause that's when I got the nokia, I dunno, my brain is fried and small. (note, the 3rd trimester belly comment is a reference to a joke that i used to use to make fun of myself and my at the time huge belly when i was 10-11. do tell me if you find it offensive.)

AND THE OBSESSION DIDN’T EVEN STOP THERE! ! ! ! I made a jetbits page which acted as an unofficial archive for all the sims 3 java ports for mobile, and also where I uploaded my personal collection for the world to see. And, not gonna lie, I think it may have been one of my most important contributions to the internet.

dang i used to treat this stuff so seriously back when i was 9

Also, I might revive and revitalize my archive soon, because, I feel like this part of the sims hasn't been given enough love and attention by the larger sims community, and is treated more-or-less as a niche.

Anyways, that's it for part 1 of my experiences with the sims and being a simmer! I felt as if I had to divide this post into multiple parts, due to the fact that this may get too long lol!

Anyways, see you on the other side!


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