My simming experiences: part 2!

June 25th, 2022

Hey guys! Really sorry if I haven't had a blog post in a while, life (and my shitty work ethic and laziness) kinda got in the way, so yeah,


As expected, My brain will be disconnected from my fingers again, as I am fatigued as fuck and I am in desperate need of sleep.

Anyways, After my java mobile game sims hyperfixation died down, I was suddenly thrust into the world of the sims 1, I didn't know that it would be that way, it was just, kinda random, It's kinda like the 2020s, first you're an extremely stupid 11 year old starting 5th grade with an extremely complicated, ever-changing skincare routine, next, you're a stupid 13 year old who's emotions go up and down like a swing, it just felt weird, like, transitioning from mobile to PC sims was just a whole nother experience.

I was WOWED by the soundtrack, the furniture, the choices, and the fact that I can finally, for once, make a family (we didn't have that in any of the java sims games), it felt almost revolutionary, I felt like I was taking the first steps into land.

The gameplay was not the best, but, at the time, it felt odd, new, and exciting! There was this whole plethora of things I could do, not only INSIDE the sims, but on the OUTSIDE too, I loved how there were still a few mods and stuff lying around, and I was shocked to see sims 1 mods still being made, before I stumbled upon the wonderful world of sims 1 mods, I thought that sims 1 mods were dead, old, bygone, forgotten remnants of another era, and, not gonna lie, my eyes were opened.

Downloading them was fun, but acutally installing them was a whole nother can 'o worms, like, putting the mods where they were supposed to be in was like ROCKET SCIENCE for me back then, im not even kidding, the first time I unpacked a zip file containing sims 1 cars, my ass was having a dilemma over where to put it, and when I finally did figure it out my game started getting corrupted and I just don't know why.

AND LETS NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT MY BUILDS, I swear, they were so fucking wild, like once, my ass built A GODDAMN BROTHEL and when my sister asked me what it was, like, sis didn't hesitate, he did not give a damn, he just told her the truth and came clean, like, girl wow, and like, it wasn't even that good, im pretty sure the floor plan was ugly and inconvenient asf, like, if I could remember correctly, it did not have a kitchen, and it only had a bathroom, no bedrooms, no kitchen, no living room, it was just all about sex.

And one time, I did this horiffic experiment where I tried to find out how long it took for sims to die of starvation, I did this the good 'ol way, by putting them in boxes, and turning on the stopwatch, if im correct, it took about 1 minute and 50 seconds for all sims to die of starvation, although I did reuse the lot for the second, yes, second, experiment, so, uhh, some of them probably died to being frightened, but, when I did the experiment again, it returned the same result, one minute, fifty seconds, and back then, it was kinda a big deal for me idk why, like girl, your ass could’ve been researching all sorts, yet you decided to set up and do an experiment to see how long it took for sims to die of starvation, like im so sorry, but why?WHY?

just made. AND MY FIRST BUILD WAS JUST NO-, OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS SO BAD, it was literally A GODDAMN SHOEBOX, its only theme was BLUE, and THAT WAS IT! there was nothing else to it, I didn't even BOTHER adding some actually good balconies, like from what I remember it was just so bad, like sis, even khrushchyovkas look better than whatever in the hell you just made.

Yet, it was kinda crucial in developing who I was, it helped me experience something new, and incredible, it helped me tap into my creative side, and allowed me to express my dreams, hopes, and visions in crazy ways, and it made me who I am, whenever I turned on the sims, It was always a treat, a breath of air from a world unknown, and to this day, nothing has and will ever top my sims 1 phase.

see you on the other side!


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