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sun, october 3rd, 2021

sun, october 3rd, 2021, the month which means many different things for different people, for me, it just means that i get to eat most of the ref, and lounge after 'a long day', but, my academic lifestyle is kind of different... most of my viewership will know me as the kid from faraway, who has no sense in style when it comes to making websites and is in the wrong place, well, i mean you're right, my website is the grandma's closet of the neocities, albeit a bit tidier and there are no suprises hidden underneath the bullet bras, take that as you will. and im also the epitome of hot pink justice child in the middle of hot topic, reversed! but, i think mont people come here for the blog posts, which is great, since these are the only things im good at!

ive only been into school for the past month, so, if this blog post is skinnier than your 2000's celebrity thinspiration this will explain why.

my first day of school was very turbulent, i carried the same vibes as i would after hearing about beautyblender trying to keep up with a game that they had lost control over for the past millenium, its a bland joke, but, it is perfect for a bland brand.

after getting ready, i turned on my cam and got ready for the class, i didnt really do much other than texting my friends which were probs 6,000 lightyears and 1,000,000 dollars away, and i was texting my other friends and i remember putting on my vaseline on my lashes thinking im some hot ass bougie boi, when in reality younique was knocking on my door with a copyright compalint with her HOA friends from down the block.

i swear, the entire day, and i mean the ENTIRE day, i was playing the dvd logo screensaver while faint talks of actually important stuff are happening in what sounded like my back, but was in reality in the front.

this is kind of the extent of this thing, because im kinda bored, and i practically do nothing all the time.

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