Ralf's monthly wishlist #1

Sat, febuary 12, 2022

Hey guys, Today I got a lil’ bit more energy and I finally feel good for once, so, I decided to share you my wishlist for this month.

1. 1. Co-Wash

I have recently gotten VERY obsessed over CGM, and I really wanted to start a good, silicone-free routine for a long time, cause im very curly, and im so sick and tired of using things that I don’t like, and that don’t benefit my hair in any way.

So, I got myself a good bottle of conditioner, and went ahead and put it on my hair.

After a few days, I found myself wound up in a blog post about co washing, and it turns out I had the wrong things!

Fisrt of all, you shouldn’t wash your hair with regular conditioner, you’re supposed to wash it with actual co-wash

And, if I could remember correctly, you were supposed to have regular sulfate cleanses with clarifying shampoo. So as you can see, I kinda have to buy a lot. Well, a lot for me since I have ZERO budget, zero bucks, zero coins, NOTHING.

It was VERY FRUSTRATING to discover, since I had spent A LOT of money, and realizing that I got the wrong things really made me mad. So, I decided to wander into the amazing (to an extent) world of the internet, and I think I’ve found only ONE that actually fits into my budget, everything else is EXPENSIVE

Ecowash Co-wash conditioner bar

 a picture of a conditioner bar

Like girl, I was pretty stoked about this idea, like I was DOWN, like REALLY DOWN to get it, I mean, it has little to no plastic, it’s in a bar form, its good for the environment, WHATS NOT TO LOVE!(other than the lack of reviews and sales, still have to look into the product more.)

Anyways, moving on…

2.Clarifying shampoo

a bottle of clarifying shampoo

Now, I have had prior encounters with cgm before this, and, I have been using and doing techniques like plopping, scrunching,and raking for some years now, and I did have prior knowledge before I actually started this.

And I was so shocked to find out that you need to use clarifying shampoo, it didn’t dawn on me before that you needed to have a weekly sulfate cleanse in order to reduce buildup, like my entire world was a LIE, but then again I suppose that I am new to the ACTUAL (or atleast half) cgm experience, so maybe that’s why.

Anyways, I stumbled upon this suave clarifying shampoo, and I think im loving it.

I’ve had experiences with suave before, and I must say, some of their things are kinda good, however, my family can’t say the same. If I could remember, some of them had wacky ingredients, but im not sure if they really had ‘em or not, since my memory sucks.

Anyways, I am on the fence about this one, but it does look good and it seems as if it has a lot of potential. I mean it has been a filipino curly girl staple since almost-forever, so, I might take a further look into it.

Anyways, that’s all for today, since I have a lot of plans, and I kinda need to do em all, anyways, see you on the other side!

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