life updates!

this is gonna be a short blog since i dont really have the time to make a long one! so, im sorry if this ost is gonna be short asf!

so, yesterday i got the vax, it was soo FUN! well, preparing and getting therer was fun, waiting and xeroxing my docus at the mall werent fun, woke up at 7am, and i was soo happy to get it! had a breakfast of fish and rice and drank some coffee, for what i was gonna wear i was wearing a adventure time shirt, a moss green(maybe) hoodie, and a black pair of skinny jeans and black converses, fun fact: i inherited em from my dad!, i also went ahead and washed my hair, after all, it was a thursday, my wash day, AND I WAS SO HAPPY, like gurl, its not like you were about to get the vaccine, an then get SIDETRACKED coz they need a xerox of ur document

me waiting for vaxx

the jab wasnt the worst, waiting for it was, and not only that, but, i felt SO BAD when i came home, i was wanderin' round like a ghost, and i felt so fatigued, choc also just came back home from her neuter, and we were both needin some rest, i got pfizer, which from what i heard, was pretty STRONG, so the whole afternoon i was gorring on snaccs and dying, i wasnt even able to fully bathe>

one week ago, while i was doing some studies, actually no, not just some, but A LOT, since it was the end of q1 in my school, or as i like to call it, THE TWO WEEKS OF HORROR, choco, my beloved, decided that interrupting my study dteark was a good thing, so she ended up sitting on my math textbook.

choco ruining my academics for 43 minutes 'straight

and, to dampen my worsening premonitions of failing grades, ii want you to see a pic of my neighborhood trees, the greenery here in my neigborhoo in commonwealth, qc, pilippines, is SOO good, legend has it, that an a old lady and everyone else in my complex collabed on a tree planting project 24 years ago, and since then, the view has always been spectacular.

well, thats all i have for today! see u soon!

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copyright ralf benedict mendeja flores, 2020 and beyond