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The tragedy in xinjiang

As you may have heard, there are multiple concentration camps in xinjiang right now, and they are currenty holding 1 million out of
the ten million uighurs in xinjiang, and their lives are under tons of pressure, and they are always in danger,
as i am typing these words, even after a year later, we have done nothing about the camps, which is troublesome.
we need to speak about it more, we need to let people know.

channel of the day

no one



2-3 months ago i had thought and planned a collab with raevin ph and me an raevin have talked about it, and we are currently on terms, and the collab might happen a few weeks later

my Jollibee

i was in the kitchen one morning and i was sitting, and i was surprised that My sister, was ordering Jolibe, now after the meal i can pleasantly say that my sundae tasted great, now it's been some time since i wrote an article, well its because its kind of tedious to do so

i am fine.

i have been doing some stuff lately...

i have been focusing a lot on eating lately, but i have been focusing on other things too, i have been making a paper mache of a bowl, but i dont know how it will turn out, and i have been focusing on music lately, i have been discovering new terms and notes, i am excited to see how i will use this, but i am also making food also, that is all i have.

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a pedo in the sea

so, recently, my friend got attacked on tumblr for confronting an alledged incest shipper by the name of @jackandthesoulmates, now i know im gonna get a lot of hate for this but i want to let you guys know this. this guy is like heckin nasty, they're so all over my bestie and i think its best for you guys to know

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