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So i just got sick


Hey guys1 its ralf! Sorry if I was kinda dead these past few days, kinda got sick, it was pretty weird actually, sometimes, I was able to move, sometimes, I wasn’t, like it’s so strange, at 12 I was zooming round the house aimlessly, like a cat, and then suddenly im bedbound and 39 degrees Celsius hot, and the worst part about it was the splitting headaches and fatigue...

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Creature of the month: The copepod


Hey guys, its Ralf, I’m really sorry for making a Late blogpost, I had to do tons of school & homework, which meant that I barely had enough time to research and put together new blogposts! So sorry...

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Creature of the month: Valonia ventricosa


Valonia Ventricosa, also known as bubble algae is a species of algae belonging to the chlorophyta phylum that is commonly found in most oceans around the world, it has also been found growing in mangrove forests, tidal areas, and tropical and subtropical regions, and is usually spherical...

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