Life update #5!

April 5th, 2022

So. . .

I was doing an ESP project, and for that project we needed to recycle old household items, and I was planning on making our cardboard boxes into small organizers! (yay) And, after doing a paint job on the organizer, my ass decided to wash the brush. . .

cream colored tub with splotches of black paint on it, cream feels warm and fuzzy, whereas black feels silky and cold


The paint got on the faucet, the walls, the floors, and basically anything I touched, which meant almost EVERYTHING, and as you can see, this innocent cream tub was one of the most affected victims.

I genuinely thought that, "oh, I’ll just wash this bad boy, then get out! " "its so simple", guess I was wrong.

And a few days before that, one of my cats vomited EVERYWHERE, it was under my bed, on the floor, it was basically UNAVOIDABLE, and one of the vomit patches suddenly dried and I had to scrape it with my fingers (ew)

To this day, no one knows who did it, maybe it was chcoco, maybe it was coffee, I dunno, Also due to that horrific, bone-chilling, spine-shivering experience, we had to put choco into a new diet (not coffee tho cause im pretty sure it wasn’t her, also kittens need as much nutrients as possible)

Anyways, see you on the other side!


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