Watsons naturals hair oil review

Hey guys! ralf here, i know i am well known for my animal blogs, but today, i wanted to try something new, or rather, retry a thing that i haven't done in a while, aka beauty blogs. And for this week’s beauty blog we will be reviewing Watson’s naturals hair oil.

Now for those of you who don't live in a country with watsons, it is a multinational pharmaceutical company that is founded in Hong Kong The health and beauty brand of the A.S. watsons group, which is majority owned by CK hutchison holdings, it focuses on medicine, health, beauty, etc. Watsons was first launched in the early 2000s in the philippines, And has grown into a huge collective of 8,000 stores and counting, spread out across europe and a

It is known for its wide selections of health and beauty, and has its own line of goods that are natural, this includes shampoos, skin care, and hair oils, which is the thing that we’re gonna be reviewing today!

Watsons hair oils come in olive, argan, and lavender, and all of them are made using sustainable packaging, and with no harsh chemicals, for today's beauty review we will be reviewing the argan one only because i'm not rich and i don't have to funds to buy all three

Now, for its price, it's pretty good, these come in small and large sizes and cost somewhere between 199-260 philippine pesos , which is affordable for a middle class call center/ business process outsourcing/whatevs worker, but unfortunately i'm not a worker, so i dont have the monies to buy one, but i do consider it a good splurge, a nice treat to have.

It can be bought physically at your local watsons or through shopee, lazada, or the official watsons website, i don't know if they offer international shipping, or if amazon or ebay has them, all i know is that it might be listed on there.

Now its ingredients include abyssinian, avocado, and sunflower oil and argan kernel extract, which according to cleveland clinic helps aid in frizz, and capric triglyceride, which makes a barrier around the hair decreasing the amount of moisture from escaping the hair strand.

It also doesn't use any mineral oils, which i like, cause the last thing i want is for my oil to trickle down to the scalp and form a film that can mess the skins breathing abilities, it also doesn't use silicones, which means i can wear it without extra silicones in my head.

Now, in my personal experiences with this hair oil, i can absolutely assure you that this product is worth the 200 pesos, it provides moisture and conditioning without the buildup or heaviness, it is lightweight yet it moisturizes hair with great success, and had a really nice baby oil scent which brings me back to the days when my mom used to slather it all over her body.

It's also really great at healing damaged hair, i would know because i recently went blond, which is not easy, or fun to heal, and watsons hair oil and keratin conditioner has been helping my hair get up from the ashes, although it can get sucked up during sleep if you don't protect your hair of if you use a drop, i was standing in a line a few days ago, and i noticed that my hair became straw like, it was so dry it could straight up break just by waving your pinky finger at it, i think this may have been thirsty and also due to the fact that i don't protect my hair when sleeping, and when i do it just flies off into the bottom of the mantle, for no reason, so you may want to push that pump more than thrice if you just bleached the living hell out of your hair.

Aside from that, it's a pretty good product, and it has so many good things in it that can nourish your hair and give it shine and life, and it gives your hair heavy conditioning without the heavy oiled up feel.

If i were to rate this product out of five, i would rate it 4.5, due to the qualities that may or may not have been said more than 50 times during this review

Anyways, see you on the other side


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